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  • Brush Ranch Edwards Cabin - Pecos New Mexico

  • Niagara Falls 2013

    I was on a business trip in Buffalo, NY. I got to spend about 2 hours at Niagara Falls and this is what I got. Interesting thing about the falls is that 675,000 gallons per second fall over the edge!!! WOW! I also realized that the better pictures come from the Canadian side of the falls.

  • The View

    I took this photo from my car this past weekend as this storm rolled in from Rio Rancho, NM

  • Game Room - Brush Ranch Pecos, NM. I took this photo in Brush Ranch during the moonrise. I had to get a shot of this old wagon that sits in front of the game room that is on the property. Visit for more detail on this property.

  • This picture was taken at the Albuquerque, NM zoo. Backgrounds were not visually appealing so I created some FotoArt, which is a picture with some photoshop techniques.

  • Cabin 1 - Brush Ranch Pecos, NM. This is a 2 bedroom cabin on Brush Ranch right by the Pecos River. You get the sound of the river all day and night. The front porch faces the river and I have spent hours on this porch just straight thinking of everything.

  • Fireworks at the Albuquerque Ballon Park October 2012

  • Fireworks at the Albuquerque Ballon Park October 2012

  • Fireworks at the Albuquerque Ballon Park October 2012

  • Fireworks at the Albuquerque Ballon Park October 2012

  • Kitchen Brush Ranch Pecos, NM. Brush Ranch was once a school for kids with learning differences. It has a full blown restaurant kitchen. Visit to view more information on this property and schedule a company retreat there.

  • Chaco Canyon FotoArt

  • Bosque Del Apache 2011

  • Camry Car Fire - This is a lesson for you to always have your camera with you. I was coming home and bam there was a car on fire my street. The best part of this photo is the bumper sticker on the left side of the back bumper. It reads, "I brake for butterflies". Also great job to the Albuquerque Fire Department.

  • Stone House - Brush Ranch Pecos, NM -

  • Rock formations in Four Hills area of Albuquerque, NM

  • Hyde Park near the Santa Fe Ski basin. Looks like there is aspens in the upper right of the picture, but it is the sun peaking over the mountain on the left shining on some pine trees.

  • I took this picture because of the shadows from the trees behind me, it was like a web of shadows. I took this in Hyde Park near the Santa Fe ski basin.

  • This is taken a the Genoveva Commmunnity Center in Santa fe. They have some very interesting people hanging form the ceiling.

  • Base of the Sandia Mountains - Albuquerque, NM

  • I took this photo while assisting a friend with engagement photos for a couple. This tree had been stuck by lightning and fell over, I figured to add a slash of clouds.

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